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Theme Installing

When you are ready to install a theme, you must first upload the theme to your WordPress directory. There are two ways you can install the theme:• Using FTP: By using any FTP program of your c...

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Pivoo Theme Option

The Pivoo theme is packed with cool and handy features which give the users freedom, flexibilityand ease of use. The theme options are available in the Pivoo > Theme Options (accessible viaPivoo &g...

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Recipe Options

Pivoo has full-featured Recipe Options. You will be able to create recipes with all exclusive functions like Ingredient add, Cooking Step add, Cooking specific Information. You will be able to add rec...

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Pivoo Elementor

We have 30+ Custom Elementor Elements. Which can give you great site Customization Experience? In Every Update This 17+ count will be More.

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Installing WordPress

Since Mayosis is a WordPress theme, WordPress needs to be installed on your webserver. Manyhosting providers provide an easy to use installer called Installatron, which is available in your CPanel.If ...

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Installing the plugins

After activating the theme you will automatically be prompted to install the required plugins.The Mayosis theme comes with a lot of awesome plugins to give you maximum flexibility and freedom.Install...

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Importing demo content

Please note that you can only import demo content after installing all the required plugins first. If youhave not done this yet, please do this now before continuing this step. If you would like to us...

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Configuring the front page and the blog page

You may need to set your front page and/or blog page yourself, or you may want to change thesepages.To do this, follow the next steps:1. Log in as admin2. In the left panel go to Settings > Reading...

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Configuring the menu

If you want to create a menu or change the menu imported by the demo, you can do so. To do this,follow the next steps:1. Log in as admin2. In the left panel go to Appearance > Menus3. Here you can ...

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Use Child Theme

Run the Wizard from Mayosis> Start Wizard. After starting the wizard you will find a step to create a child theme. just create & install the child theme.It's very easy. After that, you will ab...

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