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Header Builder

We have introduced a new and modern way to create and configure your website header without any coding knowledge needed. With our new Mayosis Header Builder you can easily customize the top part of yo...

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Header rows and columns configuration

When you edit your header with the Header Builder you can see an area with three rows that contain three columns each. They represent the three parts of your website header: the top bar, the main head...

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Header flex layouts

Each part (row) of the header has three columns, with width proportions that can be set in two variants.Variant #1: Flexible middle columnThe first variant is called ‘Flexible middle column’ and i...

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Header Mobile & Tablet settings

Our header builder has two different areas to add your elements for desktop and mobile devices. The area for large devices is applied for devices resolutions starting from 1025 pixels in width. Used f...

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Global header settings

In the ‘Global header settings’ you can change the settings of various subjects. You can for example change the header layout, the header type and the form field typeHeader Layout: There are ...

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Prebuilt Header

The Mayosis themes comes with many Prebuild Headers. These are already made, which makes it easy for the user since they can just choose a Prebuild Header.

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The Mayosis theme and the page builders

The Mayosis theme supports two awesome and feature packed page builders. These areElementorWPBakery Visual page builderApart from the many features the page builders offer, there are 25+ custom builde...

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How to create a new product template?

Introducing the New Product Template Option on Version 3.0. So let's start to learn how to use it. Our product template powered by Elementor.Step 1. At first, you have to go to Mayosis> Product Te...

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