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Setup Fontier Plugin with Mayosis

Create EDD Download Category. Then Go to the settings > Fonter Options & select Your category in Which category font preview render.2. Do necessary color option edit & Demo text update from...

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Edit wp-config.php and increase wp_memory_limit

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '512M' ); If this code already exists in your wp-config.php file, you need to increase the number. For example, you can increase it from 32M to ...

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How to Increase the Max Input Vars Limit

The max_input_vars directive can be set in .htaccess, php.ini , .user.ini or wp-config.php file. Directive for .htaccessphp_value max_input_vars 4000 ...

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Installing WordPress

Since Mayosis is a WordPress theme, WordPress needs to be installed on your webserver. Manyhosting providers provide an easy to use installer called Installatron, which is available in your CPanel.If ...

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Installing the Mayosis theme

After installing WordPress, the next step is to install the Mayosis theme. There are two ways to do this:using FTP and using WordPress.Using WordPress1. Log in as admin;2. Navigate to Appearance > ...

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Installing the plugins

After activating the theme you will automatically be prompted to install the required plugins.The Mayosis theme comes with a lot of awesome plugins to give you maximum flexibility and freedom.Install...

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