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Mayosis - Digital Marketplace WordPress ThemeMayosis - Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme, December 21, 2020

Like previously stated, the Mayosis theme offers a header layout which makes the menu show in the sidebar. Here we can see how we can use this header layout.

  1. The first step is to change the header layout from ‘Standard’ to ‘Sidebar’;
  2. In the customizer there is a category called ‘Header’. Here you will find an option called ‘Sidebar’. There are various options to control from here.

The following element scan be changed:

  • Enable or disable the collapse of the menu from the top. When collapsing is enabled, the main logo will show in a expanded version. If you want to display a mini version of your logo (maybe an icon) you can upload this for the collapsed menu.
  • You can use your main menu as the sidebar menu, and use icons for menu items. For this you need fontawesome 4.7. In the ‘collapse sidebar’ options you can set: Only icon, Only text, Icon + text

This means that you get a lot of options here. For the mobile header, you can customize this from the header builder option in the customizer. There is no desktop option for now.

If need more help put a support ticket..

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