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Global header settings

Mayosis Builder
Mayosis - Digital Marketplace WordPress ThemeMayosis - Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme, November 28, 2020

In the ‘Global header settings’ you can change the settings of various subjects. You can for example change the header layout, the header type and the form field type

Header Layout: There are two types of header layouts available in the Mayosis theme. These are the standard mode and the sidebar mode. After selecting one of the two layouts, you can, of course, rearrange them.

Header Type : There are two types of header types available. By default, the normal header is set. If you prefer a transparent header then you can choose for the ‘stacked’ mode and reduce the opacity of every header color for the different header parts.

Form Field Type : There are two form field types. ‘Solid’ is for form fields without a box, and ‘border’ is for form fields with a box..

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